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Access real-time cash grain bids for USA and Canada, target alerts, futures data, and more.
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All you need in one place

Finally! Keep track of all your local bids with simple Watchlist set up.

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Farmbucks is designed to keep up with your busy schedule. You can view bids anytime, anywhere, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

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It’s all in the app!

Partner Solutions

With our customizable digital service, we help your business stand out, connect with sellers and ultimately buy grain.

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Expanded Reach

Get more eyes on you. Tap into new networks and grow your customer base with the thousands of farmers who use Farmbucks every day.

User Engagement

Pave the path to purchase and get grain on your books. Our user metrics indicate that farmers are more likely to sell when given readily accessible pricing information.

Comparative Analysis

Gain access to your comparative performance in the marketplace to drive interest and increase revenues.

Money in your pocket

Make your farm thrive. Uncover your best pricing opportunities all from your phone.

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