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Search Bids

Find the Best Grain Cash Bids

Easily find cash bids for your grain. You start by selecting your location and defining a search radius to find the most relevant bids nearby. Farmbucks lets you specify the types of grain you are selling, ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date cash bids tailored to your needs.

Key features:
  • Search by grain and location
  • Filter by search radius
  • Add your searches to watchlist for quick access
  • Get best bids grouped by delivery months
  • Click on a any bid to see bid details
  • Call the buyer right from the bid details
  • See top 30 bids for selected delivery month
  • Available on web and mobile app for iOS and Android


Personalized Watchlists and Price Alerts

Save your frequent grain searches to a personalized watchlist, making market monitoring a breeze. By filtering these searches by location and range, you ensure that the results are highly relevant to your needs. Set price alerts and get notified when the market price reaches your predetermined price.

Additionally, you can restrict these alerts to specific months, so you receive notifications only during your desired selling periods.

Key features:
  • Add your frequent searches to your watchlist
  • Set price alerts for your searches
  • Restrict price alerts by months
  • Receive push or SMS notification when your target price is reached

Grain Prices

Extensive Grain Price Data

Get comprehensive grain prices from over 700 companies across more than 4,600 locations all in one place. This extensive coverage ensures that users have access to the most current and competitive pricing information. Farmbucks eliminates the need for farmers to individually contact multiple buyers, saving valuable time and resources.

Key features:
  • We collect and process 100,000+ grain prices every hour
  • View prices for 700+ companies
  • View prices for 4,600+ locations
  • Compare company prices to market prices

Farmbucks Mobile App

All of these, and more, powerful features are conveniently available in the Farmbucks mobile app, putting market intelligence right at your fingertips.

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