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Quick weekly prices for June

Farmbucks is bringing the best prices for your grain every friday
Shown prices are from June 14th to 21st 2019
Grain type
Best weekly price
Canola − #1 Canada
$10.73bu $473.00MT May
Wheat − CWRS − #1, 13.5
$7.54bu $277.15MT May
Wheat − CNHR − #1, 13
$6.47bu $237.76MT May
Wheat − CPSR − #1, 11.5
$7.08bu $251.01MT May
Wheat − Amber Durum − #1, 13
$6.79bu $249.36MT September
Wheat − Red Feed
$6.20bu $227.75MT August
Peas − Green
$8.99bu $330.34MT November
Barley − Feed
$4.80bu $220.39MT February
Oats − 2CW
$3.87bu $250.91MT January
Soybeans − 2 Canada Yellow
$12.28bu $451.24MT March

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