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(Goodbye 2020.)


A new year brings a fresh new start. And for us farmers, it also means another year to try new things and grow our best crop yet!

For Farmbucks, it's another year to bring you more valuable features and information to help you smoothly sail through the volatile waters of the marketplace. We strive to keep you in-the-know so you can make quick and confident marketing decisions, unlike certain ones that are made based on a whim or a 'feeling'. You know, like some of those decisions you made back in the good ol' college days (OK - we won't talk about those, at least not without a few rum and eggnogs in us). The marketplace can be daunting and hard to keep up with - that's why we sort through over 100,000 real-time bids every hour FOR YOU! Don't bet the farm, just bet on Farmbucks. You'll be glad you did!

Happy New Year!

Market Recap:

Canola: It was a quiet week with futures bouncing around slightly. No big moves. Small gains in our CDN dollar is working against us. Meanwhile, soybean futures remain super-strong despite the news that Argentinean workers ended their strike at the ports. Weather dryness is still a primary concern leading that market higher. 

Wheat: Wheat found some mid-week strength. Russia has a wheat export tax Feb. 15 to June 30 of €25/MT and its projected wheat exports are down a fair amount from its last outlook.

Barley: Nothing new—corn is its main supporter. and corn futures just keep going higher and higher! This market has not taken a break in 14 straight days! South American dryness concerns are a factor. Watch close as it has come a long way up.

Peas: Nothing new this week. 

Around the farm: Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day - is that how the song goes? Yup, that sums my week up pretty good. Hope you can enjoy the same!! I personally can't wait for the New Year to come and put COVID and social distancing behind us. Again, wishing all of you a prosperous and happy New Year!


Weekly Cash Bid Changes:
Canola: up $0.17/bu - $0.25/bu 

CPSR: higher $0.15/bu
CWRS: higher $0.16/bu

Feed Barley: unchanged

Yellow Peas: unchanged

Oats: unchanged

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Dec. 28, 2020 - Jan 1, 2021
Canola - $14.67/bu Mar
2 CPSR 11 - $7.25/bu Feb
1 CWRS 13.5 - $8.10/bu May
Barley - $5.92/bu Apr-May, $5.25/bu Nov
Yellow Peas - $9.52 Apr-May
Oats 2CW - $4.60/bu July
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